Welkom op mijn weblog

Welkom op mijn weblog.

Op mijn weblog staan gedichtjes die mijn dochter heeft gemaakt.

Ze staan allemaal in het Engels.



9. Remember.

Last summer, in the night.
We look together at the moon and the stars,
They're shining so bright.
It was so romantic, just like a dream.
Suddenly you took my hand,
Like lovers do in movies I've seen.
You told me that you love me and you didn't want to lose me.
Al those things that you said were so sweet and lovely.
Then, it was silent.
We look in each others eyes.
And it was clear, I realize;
I never wanna lose you; I always wanna be with you.
I will always be on your side, YOU are MY moonlight.
The night ends when you said goodbye and gave me a kiss.
That is the thing I never wanna miss.
Also I remember the first time we met.
It was on school, around sunset.
You ask my number and you gave me yours.
And our story ends with love of course.

8. All I need in my life.

All I need in my life,
Is an angel,
A little angel who cares about me.
All I need in my life,
Is a lover,
A great lover to love me.
All I need in my life,
Is a person,
A person like you.
All I need in my life,
Is you,
Do you love me too?

7. In your eyes.

Every day,
I'm looking into,
Your beautiful eyes.
I'm looking through.
I see a world,
With you and me.
I see a world,
That only we can see.
I see the future,
With me on your side.
I see the future,
With our life's so bright.
I see a rainbow,
I see light.
I see love
I see the moon in the night.
Everyday I want to look in your eyes.
Because I see beautiful things,
Like our paradise.

6. On my mind.

There is someone on my mind,
Someone like him is hard to find.
And there is one thing I want to say;
I love him each and every way.
Every night I see him in my dreams.
Everything is what it seems.
So never forget, it is true.
I never stop loving you.

5. Dream on

I lay alone in my room,
Thinking of you all the time.
Imagine we look together at the moon,
Thinking of your eyes so fine.
I'd try to figure out if my dreams come true,
That I'm the one for you.
I'm still thinking of your beautiful smile.
I go dreaming on for a while.
Until on a day you come to me,
And say "I love you, and would you be,
My girlfriend and it will be forever "we".